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For over two decades museums, auctions, galleries, artists and collectors have relied on us to safely move their delicate and valuable pieces across the country and around the world.

Fine Art / Fragile Shipping


Top galleries, art dealers, and artists trust Craters & Freighters San Antonio with their fragile one-of-a-kind artwork. All our crates and corrugated containers are custom built and cushioned for the artwork being shipping.

Services Tailored to your Item’s Specific Needs


Craters & Freighters San Antonio has mastered the art of packaging, crating and shipping paintings!

Arts & Antiques Shipping Solutions San Antonio, TX


Arts, Antiques & Interior Designs Packaging, Crating & Shipping Solutions

Craters & Freighters of San Antonio, Texas is the leading source in Central Texas for packing and shipping art, antiques and interior design items. We understand that all of these items are unique and many are one of a kind. Our staff is trained and experienced in handling art, antiques and designer pieces. All of these require specialized handling for safe and damage free transport.

The most discreet galleries, auction houses, artists, collectors, designers and collectors rely on us as their premiere packing company to move delicate and valuable pieces safely across the country and around the world. Craters & Freighters is beyond any alternative in Central Texas as the most capable shipper for high value collectibles. We are the go to shipper for Murano glass fixtures, chandeliers, old and new art (still wet in several shipments). Our clients include all of the well known auction houses on the east and west coast. Artists rely on us to crate and ship oversize art and our expertise in packing keeps the most intricate bronze sculpture in pristine conditions.

Craters & Freighters of San Antonio has the expertise that delivers for:

  • Chandeliers, ceramics and glass
  • Heirlooms and estate items
  • High-value and large art objects
  • Antique and period furniture
  • Metal and stone sculptures
  • Oil, acrylic, watercolor, pastel and mosaic art, all of which require specialized handling

Need to Ship Your Heirlooms, Art Paintings, Antique Furniture or Sculptures?  If so, please call Craters & Freighters of San Antonio for any packaging, crating and shipping needs at: 210-340-1134

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