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Wood Crates

Craters & Freighters of San Antonios can crate or provide crates for any application. We work from an extensive database of crate designs that take into consideration many factors including weight, fragility, transit methods and final destination requirements. We can build crates to your specifications. If you have a unique product or prototype, we can design a custom crate, cushioning and interior packing requirements.

Our crate designs follow the general requirements that have been laid out for military crating. We have found that the "MIL Spec" crate designs provide durability and the strength necessary to protect your product. The weight range on crate capabilities runs from 1 lb to 30,000 lbs and we can design crates to meet higher requirements. Routine crate configurations are:

ASTM D6251 (PPP-B-601)

ASTM D6256 (MIL-B-26195)

ASTM D7478 (MIL-C-104)

Craters & Freighters recognizes that cost is a strong consideration, especially when used or surplus equipment is concerned. We will work with a customer to adapt "best commercial practices" to contain cost without compromising minimum requirements.

Floating bases, suspension systems, shock and vibration attenuation

Craters & Freighters has the experience and resources to provide exotic packaging systems for fragile, sensitive and high value product. We are the experts in float packing items to virtually eliminate the effects of shock and vibration. We consider the weight and configuration of a product and then design a system to protect the item in transit.

Corrugated Containers

We can provide custom corrugated containers that are appropriate for many shipments. In many cases, wood containers are an unnecessary cost. Corrugated materials are durable, versatile and light weight. We use a minimum 350 lb double wall corrugated fiberboard. This "cardboard" is made of three sheets of linerboard with two mediums or flutes in between.

Craters & Freighters can help you reduce the cost of shipping with corrugated containers. Custom boxes are fabricated to the size of your product and then we place this on a custom pallet to facilitate handling by the freight carriers.

Inner Packing

Custom interior packing is a given with Craters & Freighters. Containers are lined with cushioning appropriate for the configuration, weight, size and value of your product. Our common cushioning is:

Styrofoam in sheets

Polyurethane Foam - Ether and Ester

Polyethylene Foam

Loose fill (recycled poly foam in chunks and bagged when we can)

Skids and pallets

Craters & Freighters produce custom pallets and skids to support anything from lightweight boxes to heavy equipment. When the cost of preparations for shipping are a primary concern, pallets and skids offer a cost effective means of securing products for handling by freight carriers.

Vacuum Packing, Shrink Wrap and other Custom Materials

Craters & Freighters offers a full range of services to prepare items and equipment for shipping. We can vacuum bag equipment and instruments that are sensitive to moisture. Industrial shrink wrapping is an option for equipment that may be left outside or placed into storage. We have commercial grades of packing materials to offer and then for more demanding requirements we have MIL Spec packing materials.

ISPM-15 and Heat Treated (HT) Wood

Most of the industrialized world and many of the emerging economies require that shipments comply with the ISPM 15 standards. In simple terms, there are standards for heat treating (HT) wood used in international shipments. Shipments are randomly checked by customs authorities and those that do not comply are impounded.

We make international shipping easy for you. We know and comply with the requirements and you do not have to keep up with any of this. Craters & Freighters will certify each international shipment as being compliant with ISPM 15. Our process is audited monthly and we maintain a current certification.

Need Packaging Solutions for Shipping Your Items?

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