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The military has a long history in central Texas. Ft Hood in Killeen and Ft Sam Houston in San Antonio are institutions. The Air Force has Randolph, Lackland, and the former Kelly AFB facilities. Kelly is now Kelly USA a trade free zone and home to some of the largest Aviation companies in the US. With this magnet, Craters & Freighters supplies crates to a broad array of manufacturing and service companies who support these missions.

We have in-house capabilities to design the full range of mil spec crates. Craters & Freighters can solve the confusing requirements associated with military packing and labeling. The MIL spec designs have been tested and vetted over the last 50 years. Our team uses the mil spec designs for almost all of our projects, not just military, simply because the designs are time tested and cover a broad spectrum of requirements and weight ranges. We manufacture ASTM D6256 (MIL-B-26195) and ASTM D6251 (PPP-B-601) style crates for several clients on a continuing basis. Some contract managers will require certifications (Certs) of compliance and we can provide these.

The aviation industry has a preference for the mil spec designs. Meeting these requirements is second nature for Craters & Freighters. Inherent in these requirements is the need for complex support systems for product. Cradles, fixtures and containment systems are routine.

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