Medical Equipment Shipping Solutions San Antonio


Medical Equipment Shipping Solutions

The greater Austin and San Antonio area are home to an elite medical community as well as medical schools. And, we are seeing a merging of high technology and medicine. This activity results in a robust market for used and lightly used medical equipment. The expertise that our staff has developed in crating and shipping high technology equipment and handling exotic art uniquely prepares us to handle medical gear.

Craters & Freighters of San Antonio routinely crates large X-Ray and scanning systems. We see everything from laboratory equipment to anesthesia units. There is a large market for used laser systems. We crate and ship a any number of the lasers in addition to a range of complex, specialized medical equipment.

Our experience with medical equipment led Austin Samaritans to us. Austin Samaritans serves non-profits, and non-government organizations mainly in Nicaragua and Guatemala in the areas of health, education and rescue. By coordinating efforts and pooling resources for maximum impact, they connect resources and talent at home to the needs abroad ( Craters & Freighters is pleased to provide logistic support and crating services for donated medical equipment to Austin Samaritans.

Need to Ship Your Medical Equipment Safely?

If so, please call Craters & Freighters of San Antonio for any packaging, crating and shipping needs at: 210-340-1134

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