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Central Texas is a high technology focal point for semiconductor manufacturing, software design, and communications. Craters & Freighters of San Antonio has extensive experience in handling high value and sensitive electronics. We will not simply place these items in crates. Each piece of equipment has unique characteristics to be considered before we build a crate. And, we judge the sensitivity of the equipment as we optimize cushioning and bracing or packing to ensure that your piece arrives at its destination as you intend.

We have over 20 years of experience in crating servers and equipment cabinets for the Information Technology industry. Semiconductor manufacturing equipment is particularly sensitive to shock, vibration, and moisture. We have crate designs for shock and vibration attenuation and, vacuum bagging with desiccant to neutralize moisture.

Craters & Freighters San Antonio can crate and move a single server, a Fab line, data or communications center. For the reuse industry, we can pick up items purchased at auction, pack these to your requirement and ship to your dock.

Our frequent product mix is:

  • Servers (repositioned for reuse, lease returns)
  • Server racks and equipment cabinets
  • Power and UPS systems
  • Work stations
  • Electron microscopes, test probes and lab optics
  • Semiconductor manufacturing equipment

Need to Ship Your Servers or any Electronics?

If so, please call Craters & Freighters of San Antonio, TX for any packaging, crating and shipping needs at: 210-340-1134

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