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Custom Containers

Craters & Freighters of San Antonio, TX will design a custom container to meet the most demanding requirement. A customer may want a ramp crate to simplify the loading and unloading of items. Reusable crates with quick release closures are a favorite of trade show participants. Museum crate requirements allow for frequent reuse of crates and extended storage.

We have customers who need a crate to compartmentalize products. Glass and marble require unique crates which will keep an item in a standing position throughout the shipping process. Certain manufacturing customers have requirements where mixes of products need to be packed and shipped in the same container.

Motorcycles and other items on wheels require special consideration, and we have designed complex carrousel fixtures for aircraft engine turbine blades. The blades are secure in shipment and the fixture allows the technical crew to spin the system to pick and place blades into the jet engine.

Central Texas is the live music capital of the world. Craters & Freighters has a number of customers who manufacture professional soundboards. We manufacture crates for this industry and support customer in shipping this equipment all over the world.

Craters & Freighters has been fortunate to have the opportunity to work with a premier piano dealership in Central Texas. Through this association we have developed expertise in preparing and crating grand pianos for shipment. We pull the mechanicals of the piano and lock the keyboard, utilize a felt material to protect the piano, vacuum bag and crate the pianos for shipment, generally overseas. Shipping Steinway grand pianos to Asia and the Far East is one of the pleasures that we enjoy in this business.

Need a Custom Container for Shipping Your Valuables?

If so, please call Craters & Freighters of San Antonio for any packaging, crating and shipping needs at: 210-340-1134

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